Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Raw2Nef: new release and microsite

Given the unexpected audience for Raw2Nef, and that the information collected in this blog is not very well organized, I have uploaded a new microsite for the tool, with a much better information presentation, and links to a new version, with a few more bells and whistles, including support for the latest D810 firmware.

I plan to keep this blog photography centered, and use the microblog to handle Raw2Nef.

Find the new website here: http://www.bagnon.com/raw2nef


  1. Hi! Thank you very much for your RAW2NEF. I like Capture NX2, but this program will not support RAW processing my new Nikon D810. But. Your program RAW2NEF can pre-prepare RAW files from Nikon D810 and then Capture NX 2 2.4.6 can open and edit them.I downloaded and installed RAW2NEF, but while trying to process RAW
    error message appears and the process is terminated. Error text - "error opening RAW file. Make sure that the files are not opened by another application". Of course, all other programs during RAW2NEF process are closed.My laptop - HP Elitebook 8760w, the operating system - Windows 8.1 (64 bit binaries). What should I do to make the application to work correctly?

  2. The reason for the problem is solved. Your program does not support the Cyrillic alphabet. The path to the images to be registered in Latin. Everything worked. Thank U.

  3. When I run RAW2NEF I get the prompt to select the output folder. When I click OK the app closes. I've tried running it 2o times with the same outcome. Any ideas?

  4. Funciona y funciona bastante bien, da algún aviso que no terminas de entender hasta que por ejemplo ves que tienes una foto protegida y no ha hecho la conversión...por eso.
    Saludos y agradecido a Miguel y todas esas personas que hacen posible esto
    Juan Ramón Aznar Colino, Zaragoza, ESpaña...en el foro de Nikonistas como Glorito

  5. RAW2NEF is a great tool. I recent picked up a D750 and I've been using capture NX/NX2 for the last 9 years and I have a lot invested in it. . I wont say that I'm not surprised that Nikon didn't do anything like this. They did take a while to come up with a 64bit codec fro Windows.

    On May 21 Nikon released a firmware version, 1.02 , for the D750. Will this be an issue with RAW2NEF?

    I also noticed that after a conversion, the camera model imbedded in the file, as displayed in windows, changes from "Nikon D750" to "Nikon D610" .

    I have been to the other website, but didn't see a place to make any comment.
    once one has a workflow in place, this is an excellent tool.

    thank you

  6. Thanks Jerry,

    In principle the firmware update should not have any impact, but that depends on what they change, give it a try and let me know if you have any problem.
    Regarding the files showing D610 type, check http://www.bagnon.com/raw2nef/faq.html#model
    Best regards,

  7. Hi Miguel! Thank you very much for your RAW2NEF. I have tried with my D810 with no problem. However, I would sometimes use D810 1.2x or 1.5x corp mode to shot to get higher frame rate. Could you let us know whether would have an update that support D810 corp mode? Thanks a lot.

    Ben Hung

  8. Hi Ben,
    I'm afraid I will not be implementing those crop modes.

    1. Is there any way we can either encourage you to consider this, or provide some assistance? I'm "tech support" for my nature girl wife. Birders (shhoting Birds In Flight at Dawn and Dusk) tend to primarily use crop mode: lets them see the bird entering the frame, and avoids wasting the 1/3 of the frame that is NEVER needed. :-)

      Alternatively, any idea how to convert a crop mode NEF to a full size NEF?

      Thanks soooo much!

  9. Dear Miguel,

    What is the environment to run Raw2nef? I got XP, and Raw2nef failed to start at all.
    Thanks for your help - and Merry Christmas

  10. Is raw2nef only available for windows 10 as I still use windows 7?