Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New kid in town.

This guy decided yesterday to join our doggy family. I adapted the Minolta MC Rokkor 1:1.2 f=58mm to the Nikon mount, losing infinity focus, but gaining a great lens. This shot, wide open.


  1. Love the concept. however when I edit and save, then bring up again to view, WB is screwed up. If while editing I change WB setting to "use grey point" then all is well later. I'm wondering if "use greypoint" might be able to be preset during the programs conversion?

    Thanks so much for your generosity........ Monty

  2. Hi Monty,

    Bug noted, a solution is already coming with Santa ...

  3. Fixed. You may want to download raw2nef again, version 3.141 solves this.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Miguel
    Now WB holds fine but pink and purple dots in under exposed areas. Any thoughts....... Thanks a ton, Monty

  5. Fixed. Thanks again for your testing.

  6. Miguel
    How to reset the settings and options (win8) that I choose on RAW2NEF that are kept between program invocations? Mine are garbage and result in black images. Thanks much, Monty

  7. Dear user number 1:

    1. Delete a file named .raw2nef, located under your home directory, C:\Users\Your Username\.raw2nef
    2. Delete all instances that you may have of raw2nef
    3. Download again www.bagnon.com/raw2nef/raw2nef64.zip, and have fun.

  8. Dear Miguel
    Ashamed I am. Problem was a older version of CNX2. Ya can't make "em drink.... Monty

  9. Ok, in any case, download the latest version for Windows, that also fixes the bright spots on the underexposed areas. Have a nice 2014!

  10. Miquel
    Will ISO always shows 640 regardless of camera setting?

  11. Hi Monty,

    Sorry for the late response, but good news here.

    The ISO setting is updated at the public EXIF block, if you check the NEF with Photoshop or Lightroom you will see your original ISO value. However, CNX2 takes the ISO value from other internal fields that I was not updating.

    So, if you download raw2nef, it will now update those internal fields, and you will see your ISO setting in the converted NEF with CNX2.

    For those files that you already converted, I have uploaded a fixing script, that will update them, moving the EXIF ISO value down to the Nikon ISO fields.

    Take it from here, http://www.bagnon.com/raw2nef/fixISO.tcl

    Once downloaded, start raw2nef, and at the "Help" menu, call for "Show console". Issue now this command line:

    source /your path to/fixISO.tcl

    The script will ask you for a directory, where your converted NEF files are to be found. It will identify those files where the ISO setting differs from the EXIF and the Nikon fields, and update the latter. I hope this helps.

  12. Dear Miguel
    Terrific! Working well. I'm just loving it!

    Is this also why Camera Settings always shows vivid, Active D-lighting shows high, and Quick Fix exposure compensation is -1? ........ Monty

  13. Those are the settings coming from the ILCE-7.NEF file in the templates folder. You may want to modify them, and they will be inherited by the converted files, and later applied by CNX2.

  14. Miguel
    Oh, of course, sorry to have bothered you.
    Thanks so very much.............. Monty

  15. Not bothered at all, happy to serve user no 1.

  16. I've started using RAW2nef64 on D750 and D810 files and everything works well except for two issues: firstly, the converted D750 files are so sensitive to noise reduction (i.e. the slightest luminence setting above zero causes massive noise suppression with the result that this tool is only unusable for chrominance noise suppression and, secondly, none of my converted files will open correctly in other RAW editors such as Aperture and ACR. In Aperture the files are entirely unrecognized and in ACR only part of the image is displayed.

    Overall this is a wonderful tool but I was hoping to be able to ditch the original NEF files, safe in the knowledge that the converted files would open (albeit as unedited 'vanilla' copies) in other editors. Sadly this isn't the case and I've now got to save both NEF files for future use.

    Steve Walker

  17. Hi Steve,

    Check this, http://www.bagnon.com/raw2nef/files.html#adobe