Friday, March 23, 2012

Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 35mm f/1.2 II

Availability and price suggested me to go for the Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 35mm f/1.2 Lens II as my 35mm for the M9. I plan to use this combo for traveling, and I am quite satisfied with it.

The 35mm is very sharp wide open, great contrast, and I have not found a case with highly visible chromatic aberrations. Distortion is noticeable thought, but not too much. I always use the hood with all my lenses, and this one blocks the viewfinder more than I would like.

The 35mm focuses down to 50cm, way closer than the M9. My trick to nail the focus at 50cm is to extend my left hand, and my wrist watch will mark the 50cm distance.

The bokeh is nice and smooth, as you can see in these pictures. I'm happy with this lens.

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