Friday, August 12, 2011

DNG2NEF V2 also supports the Leica X1

Due to overwhelming popular demand, i.e., Coolpixeler asked for it, I have extended the DNG2NEF to support the Leica X1 too. The 12Mb NEF file from a D700 or D3/D3s fits like a glove to the X1 files, and the results look very good.

Version 2.0 can be obtained here for Windows, dng2nef
Mac OS application here,

In addition, the new version does not require to install dcraw, which was used to generate the JPG preview from the DNG. The preview is now generated using the Nikon NEF SDK, giving a better approximation to the look of the image under the NEF settings.

See this version in action with an X1 file provided by Coolpixeler. Note that the image that you get out of the NEF is heavily affected by the "Picture Control" and other raw development settings that you can adjust in the NEF template to your taste, before the conversion, or afterwards for each file.


  1. Thank you very much for all that work. I will test it tomorrow, for the moment i have no PC-Windows with me, I mainly use MAC!!!!
    From watch i see form picture above, it sound very good.

  2. Miguel...I'd love to check out your latest beta. Could you post a tcl script file for those of us that struggle along in OS X?

  3. Hi celticursa,

    It's coming...

    I'm also getting rid of the dcraw and the jpeg preview based on the dnf, in change of a jpeg directly based on the NEF, using some Nikon libraries. I'll compile this on the Mac as soon as it is complete.

  4. I am now working with the PC or MAC version. Very nice job and the icon is so Leica!
    I have an old 3f looking more or less like this icon.
    Thank You again.

  5. Could you do the same with the Fuji X100 Raw (.RAF) ?

  6. Probably. Can you send me a few uncompressed RAF files?

  7. Please, you can inform if your software processes M8 DNG files too? Some friends coming to the Nikon platform are purchasing M8s as their first Leica

  8. Nope.

    M8 has 6bits of color per pixel, and NEF requires either RAWs of 12 or 14 bits. Both the M9 and X1 store data at 12bits/pixel, and that makes the conversion possible without altering the data.

    The 6 bits of the M8 could be escalated to 12bits, or padded and white levels varied, but that is RAW processing, which is out of my goals for dng2nef.