Saturday, August 20, 2011

DNG2NEF user manual

The DNG2NEF converter will read your uncompressed raw files from a
Leica M9 or X1 camera, and write them as Nikon NEF files, so you can
incorporate them into your NEF workflow.

This version 2.0 has been tested against firmware 1.162 of the M9, and
both versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the X1.

The conversion will not touch/harm your DNG files, as they will only
be read. The resulting NEF files will have all the camera settings
from the original templates, plus the following from the DNG files:
  • A properly sized JPG preview, generated using Nikon libraries that take into account the NEF settings;
  • The sensor raw data;
  • The white balance setting;
  • Most of the applicable Exif parameters.
Note that the camera maker and model remains those of the Nikon
template. To install DNG2NEF, just download and unzip the desired file:
Put the files under any directory, and either include this directory
on the executable path, or invoke directly the executable file. Both
platform versions carry dynamic libraries of the Nikon NEF SDK, which
is used to generate the JPG preview.

Usage of the tool is quite straightforward. You can convert individual
files, or batch process all files under a given directory.

To convert an individual file, select this DNG pressing the "DNG input
file" button, choose an output directory with "Ouput directory", and
press "Convert".

To batch convert all files under a given directory, select this with
the "Input directory" button, set the "Ouput directory", and press

The settings of input/output dirs are saved in a file named
$HOME/.dng2nef, so they are recalled from session to session. I use
this tool to digest the DNG files from the SD card, and directly write
the NEFs into my computer.

DNG2NEF License

"Author" herein refers to Miguel Bañón (the creator of DNG2NEF).
"Software" refers to all files included with DNG2NEF (typically
extracted from a .zip archive).

Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and
Software is copyrighted by Miguel Bañón (the Author).

Copyright (C) 2011 Miguel Bañón. All rights reserved.

License and costs

The Software is being distributed as Freeware.
Use and distribution of the Software is permitted provided
that all of the following terms are accepted:

1. The Author grants you a non-exclusive license to use the
    Software subject to your compliance with all of the terms
    and conditions of this Freeware License.

2. You will not have any proprietary rights of the Software.
    You acknowledge and agree that the Author retains all
    copyrights and other proprietary rights of the Software.

3. The Software is provided "as-is," without any express or
    implied warranty. Without even the implied warranty of
    merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In
    no event shall the Author be held liable for any, direct or
    indirect, damages arising from the use of the Software.

4. All redistributions of the Software's files must be in their
    original, unmodified form. Distributions of modified
    versions of the files is not permitted without express
    written permission of the Author.

5. All redistributions of the Software's files must retain all
    copyright notices and web site addresses that are
    currently in place, and must include this list of
    conditions without modification.

6. None of the Software's files may be redistributed for
    profit or as part of another Software package without
    express written permission of the Author.

7. Use of the Software within the scope of this license is
    free of charge  and no royalty or licensing fees shall be
    payable by you. Use beyond the scope of this license
    shall constitute copyright infringement.

8. This license shall be effective and bind you upon your
    downloading of the Software.

9. The Author reserves his rights to modify this agreement
    in the future.

If you do not agree to all of the above terms, you are not
permitted to use the Software in any way, and all copies of
it must be deleted from your system(s).

Miguel Bañón

Friday, August 12, 2011

DNG2NEF V2 also supports the Leica X1

Due to overwhelming popular demand, i.e., Coolpixeler asked for it, I have extended the DNG2NEF to support the Leica X1 too. The 12Mb NEF file from a D700 or D3/D3s fits like a glove to the X1 files, and the results look very good.

Version 2.0 can be obtained here for Windows, dng2nef
Mac OS application here,

In addition, the new version does not require to install dcraw, which was used to generate the JPG preview from the DNG. The preview is now generated using the Nikon NEF SDK, giving a better approximation to the look of the image under the NEF settings.

See this version in action with an X1 file provided by Coolpixeler. Note that the image that you get out of the NEF is heavily affected by the "Picture Control" and other raw development settings that you can adjust in the NEF template to your taste, before the conversion, or afterwards for each file.