Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Best thing to do after you advance in rank? To get a good official portrait.

No less than 4 lights here. Softlighter to camera left, for a low general fill. Beauty dish on camera left too for the face, and an Ezybox on camera right to fill the shadows of the face. A final gridded flash to highlight the yellow rank insignia on his left sleeve.

DNG2NEF version 1.0 is out!

Ok, version one is finished, and complete for my own needs. This tool now correctly transfer the white balance values from the DNG to the NEF, is a tad quicker, and also updates the thumbnail, which was pending from the first drafts. One caveat though, is the aperture, which is guessed on the M9 and strangely coded. The value transferred to NX is not quite accurate. I personally do not bother too much about this value after the photo is taken.

I have been processing a few hundreds of Leica M9 files without a single problem, and then they go into my usual browsing with Photomechanic and adjustments in Capture NX 2 workflow as D3x files.

For those using windows, here is the tool,
Tcl source code is available here, dng2nef.tcl

See a DNG file open by Camera Raw,

Or edited as NEF in Capture NX 2,