Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pocket Wizards on the wild

I tested the Pocket Wizards on a harsh environment. This picture was taken with the good trusty ZF 35mm, circular polariser, camera in manual mode at f/8 1/250. Remote SB800 to camera left, CLS over the Pocket Wizards. The MiniTT1&FlexTT5 worked flawlessly, provided that I stayed below the 1/320 High Speed limit.

For guerilla shooting, I wanted to try these PWs and check their benefits over the Elinchrom Skyports I regularly use. So far, my conclusions on the PWs are as follows,
  • They work flawlessly providing CLS over radio up to 1/320.
  • They do not work for me shooting 14bit NEF files when going higher than 1/320
  • They do not provide a consistent HyperSync feature.
  • The FlexTT5 is too bulky to carry.
I think I'll revert to my manual and proven radio triggers, the Skyports, they are much smaller, and pretty predictable. The problem with HyperSync is about the consistency that one needs on the field, where I need to know how each link of the chain precisely works, see this discussion,

Note that for this particular picture, one could even fire at 1/400 with old fashion triggers, since banding would not affect the upper part of the body. The real issue is to have a consistent set of tools and know how to use them. In this case, my limit was the 1/320 speed limit imposed by the Pocket Wizards.

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